//Avon I Feel Comfortable

The first Avon campaign focused on empowering women.

Every woman who has ever worn a matte-finish lipstick knows that the dryness on her lips is terrible.Avon realized this problem and created a revolutionary lipstick: a soft matte, comfortable and super resistant.

And at a time when women are arguing about feeling comfortable in society, why not use the main asset of the product to talk about much more than lipstick - talk about freedom?

We created the first Avon campaign focused on women's empowering. The initial sales goal of Ultramatte lipstick was 4 million units. However, the result was incredible. We sold 9.5 million units. Yes, we can.

My role: concept and copy.

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_Awards ✨️

. Effie Awards Latin America | Bronze in Health & Beauty Care


*I feel comfortable to kiss whoever I want. 

*I feel comfortable to do whatever I want with my body. 

*I feel comfortable to attract attention.

Client: Avon | CCO: Ricardo John | Creative Director: Gustavo Lacerda, Fabio Simões | Copywriter: Júlia Velo, Ana Cavalcanti | Art Director: Fernanda Sousa, Ilka Mourão | RTV: Marcia Lacaze, Ana Melo | Photographer and Film's Director: Paulo Mancinci | Planning: Gisele Bambace, Stella Pirani, Luis Stateri | Project Management: Fernanda Menge, Stella Pirani | Account Management: Emma Goethals, Raphaella Martins and Marcela Castell.