//Coca-Cola Say Thanks With a Coke

People don't know how to
express themselves - so we
gave a little help. 

According to Google, the most searched for phrase at the end of the year is "Christmas message", usually resulting in search results of tacky gifs with cliche messages.

Coca-Cola wanted to help people wish one another Merry Christmas in a really fun and amusing way.

And so, we created 32 messages about Christmas truths using the expression, in Portuguese: 'Fala na lata', word-for-word in English: 'talk on the can', helping people to express themselves via a simple can of coke. The messages were also turned into shareable videos to send through social networks.

My role: concept and copy.

_Case Study


*Thank you for making rice without raisins.

*Thank you for not giving me xmas socks.

*Thank you for getting all dressed up just to stay in the living room.

*Thank you for facing the crowded departament stores.

*Thank you for never giving up on the fairy lights.

*Thank you for not forgetting vegetarians at supper.

*Thank you for being such a nice mother-in-law.

*Thank you for making the same dull joke.

*Thanks for giving cool gift to the secret Santa.

Client: Coca-Cola | Agency: J. Walter Thompson | CCOs: Ricardo John, Rodrigo Grau | ECD: Humberto Fernandez | Creative Director's: Gustavo de Lacerda, Ana Cavalcanti, Nacho Mendiola | Copywriter: Julia Velo | Art Director: Fernanda Sousa | Designer: Pablo Lobo | Producer's: Maisa Delgado, Caroline Pivato, Elisângela Dias | Accontant: Felipe Giacon, Stefano Paduan, Daniel Rybak, Fabiana Santos | Midia: Stella Lopes, Ligia Mattos, Beatriz Guerzoni, Nicole Negrigo, Larissa Isabelle | Planning: Gisele Bambace | Production: Le Cube | Sound Design: Cachorro Loco | Photographer: Ricardo Barcelos.