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Dignity to flow

More than 11 million people suffer from menstrual poverty in Brazil and have their lives affected daily by the lack of a higienic item that should be of basic access. Other than that, the subject is often unspoken of.
With that in mind, two of Brazil’s biggest intimate health brands came together with rapper Bivolt to create a hit and tell it like it is, inviting everyone to join the cause of what should be a right for all people who menstruate. 

My role: concept and copy.


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*Dignity to flow featuring Bivolt.

*Dignity to flow. Sock, paper, bread to stop menstruation. It’s Tabu, but it’s not gonna go unnoticed.

Client: Sempre Livre + Carefree | Agency: Wunderman Thompson | CCO: Keka Morelle | Creative Directors: Ana Cavalcanti, Nicolas Romanó, Alvin Shiguefuzi | ACDs: Júlia Velo, Isabella Remelli | Copywriter: Júlia Velo | Art Director: Isabella Remelli