//Coca-Cola FanFeat

A real time competition
for the true fans of music. 

Coca-Cola was loosing relevance to their teenager public. To spark that connection again, we created Coca-Cola FanFeat: a real time competition for fans of Brazil’s top 9 hitmakers, in which the 3 artists with the most votes would record a single, shoot a music video, and perform in a concert, together. And how fans could support their biggest idols? Guess what: through the Coca-Cola can. 

My role: concept and copy. 

_Case Study

_Awards ✨️

. Clio Music | Bronze in Brand and Artist Collaboration Integrated Campaign
. Cannes Lions Festival | Shortlist in Glass
. Cannes Lions Festival | Shortlist in Social & Influencer
. Smarties Global | Silver in Promotion
. Smarties Global | Bronze in Brand Awareness
. Smarties Latam | Gold in Promotion
. Smarties Latam | Gold in Cross Media
. Smarties Latam | Shortlist in  Brand Awareness
. Smarties Latam | Shortlist in  Lead Generation / Direct Response / Conversions
. Effie Awards Latin America | Bronze in Marketing Jovem
. Effie Awards Brazil | Gold in Special Promotion
. Effie Awards Brazil | Gold in General Non-Alcoholic Beverages
. Effie Awards Brazil | Shortlist in Special Branded Content
. Lia Awards | Finalist in Social Influencers, Celebrity/Brand Partnership
. Media Latam | Shortlist in Best Integrated Campaigns
. El Ojo | Silver in Efficiency Food & Beverage
. El Ojo | Shortlist in Content / Co-creation and User Generated Content
. Wave Festival | Gold in Direct Digital & Social
. Wave Festival | Gold in Social Influencer & Content Marketing
. Wave Festival | Silver in Social Influencer & Content Marketing
. Wave Festival | Silver in PR Techniques
. Wave Festival | Bronze in PR Excellence in PR
. CCSP | Bronze in Integrated Cases
. CCSP | Silver in Public Relations
. CCSP | Directory in Promotional Action, Direct Marketing
. Festival ABP | Silver in Promotion

_Posters and OOH


_FanFeat Show

_Videoclip “Hasta La Vista”

_A bunch of cool pics taken during the campaign

_Case Glass*

*Oh, apparently, some of the conservative people were very sad that one of the hitmakers was a drag. Poor things.

_Making Of 

Client: Coca-Cola | Agency: J. Walter Thompson Brazil | CCOs: Ricardo John, Rodrigo Grau | Creative Director's: Gustavo de Lacerda, Ana Cavalcanti, Nacho Mendiola | Art Director's: Fernanda Sousa, Felipe Porto | Copywriter: Julia Velo | User Interface Design: Fernanda Sousa | Motion Design: Marcus Prado | Content: Eduardo Oliveira, Gustavo Komatsu, Talyson Rodrigues | Accont Management: Felipe Giacon, Jayme Neto, Marina Masiero, Fabiana Santana, Juliana Schiavetti, Viviane Santos | Project Management: Thiago Segundo, Marcos Richter | Media: Stella Lopes, Ligia Mattos, Luana Belchior, Beatriz Guerzoni, Nicole Negrigo, Bruno Alves, Vinicius Bispo | Planning: Stella Pirani, Gisele Bambace, Erica Rigobello, Marina Simões, Pietro Portugal | Production: Maisa Delgado, Caroline Pivato, Antonio Corral | Film Producer: O2 Filmes |  Photography: Bob Wolfenson | Sound Producer: DR. DDR | Talent Producer: Music 2 | 3D: Illuminata | Video Case Production: Delicatessen Filmes | Clip Production: 02 Filmes | Music Production: Analaga & Brabo Music Team.