//Sempre Livre + Carefree

Let it flow
(Deixa fluir)

Anyone with a vagina knows what it’s like dealing with body fluids daily: lubrification, mucus, discharge, blood, sweat… For a long time, brands told women that they should hide these fluids under every type of tabu and the image of this unreal and plastic vagina. For the first time, two of the biggest feminine personal higiene brands came together to say the opposite: instead of fighting nature, abrace your fluids and let them flow. No shame. No insecurities. No apologies.

Using the song “Banho” (Bath), eternalized  in the voice of the queen Elza Soares, we created the campaign #DeixaFluir (#letitflow), to encourage people with vaginas to take a deep dive in our dripping essences.

My role: concept and copy.


_Posters and other cool things

* Fluids are natural, being confortable with them can be too. #Letitflow

*You at ease with Sempre Livre and Carefree. #Letitflow
*Bleeding every month is not a reason to feel shame. #Letitflow

* Vaginas are wet and wonderful. #Letitflow

*Vaginas also sweat. #Letitflow

*I don't obey because I'm wet.
You at ease with Sempre Livre and Carefree. #Letitflow
_Case Study

Client: Sempre Livre + Carefree | Agency: Wunderman Thompson | CCO: Keka Morelle | Creative Directors: Alvin Shiguefuzi, Renata Leão | ACDs: Júlia Velo, Isabella Remelli | Copywriter: Júlia Velo | Art Director: Isabella Remelli